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Genuine Care To Empower People Living With MND, MS, Parkinson’s & Disabilities

Progressive neurological diseases or disabilities

Trelity Health was established by Carlye Smith & Jerry Packer to help people who live with progressive neurological diseases or disabilities to live their best life.  Carlye & Jerry are passionate about making a lasting and positive difference in people’s lives.  Your health is our priority.

Their in-depth understanding of the NDIS and progressive neurological conditions means that Trelity Health is in a unique position to help clients at any stage of their NDIS journey and make the whole process much easier.

Our Commitment To You….

We’ll Help You Navigate the NDIS

Our team have all the passion and experience to help you to gain access to the NDIS and to achieve the right level of funding. We will support you to optimise your NDIS plan to get the most out of your budget.

If you are an existing NDIS participant, we can help you to make changes to your plan or push to secure additional funding and support.  Living with a disability is challenging enough so we aim to take the stress out of navigating the NDIS and we’ll guide you through the whole process.

Custom Care

Having the right support team can make a huge difference in everyday life, so we’ll listen to your needs and ensure we match you with the right support team and equipment to suit your needs.  Your health and wellbeing are our number one priority, so we have an extensive network of support providers, builders and assistive technology specialists who are passionate about helping you achieve your goals and retain your independence. 

Experienced & Dedicated Staff To Get You The Support You Need

As allied health professionals, our team combine NDIS knowledge with clinical experience to ensure we find the best ways to support your health goals now and into the future. With over 10 years of working with participants with progressive neurological diseases, we can help anticipate your needs and create a flexible plan that changes with your changing requirements.

Clear & Regular Communication

Our team will be by your side every step of the way. We explain everything so you will know exactly what your funding covers and all the different types of care you can access.  Once we’ve implemented your plan, we’ll regularly check in with you to ensure that you will always receive the right care and support to suit your needs.

Helping Make Independent Living Easier

We are dedicated to helping NDIS and My Aged Care participants live safely, independently and comfortably in their own homes.  If you need specialist equipment or home modifications, we’ll take care of everything from getting the necessary approvals to commissioning the work.  We’ll educate you and your carers on the safe use of your supports to ensure we make independent living as easy and manageable as possible.

Carlye Smith

Occupational Therapist

Meet The Team

Carlye Smith – Occupational Therapist

Carlye Smith is an experienced and sought-after Occupational Therapist based in Adelaide.  With almost two decades in Occupational Therapy, Carlye specialises in helping patients with MND, MS, Parkinson’s and those recovering from a stroke. Her extensive experience in progressive neurological conditions means that she can anticipate clients’ needs to ensure all the right supports are put in place before they become critical.

Assessment & Reporting

Carlye spends most of her time out in the community assessing client’s function and making recommendations to ensure that clients gain the support and equipment they need quickly and efficiently.  Her clinical expertise and functional capacity assessments have been instrumental in helping clients gain access to the NDIS and securing additional funding when their needs change.

From providing prescriptions for wheelchairs, lifters and hoists to specifying and organising complex home modifications (simple and complex), Carlye is passionate about ensuring you get the best help and support possible.

Outside of work, Carlye loves to spend time with her family and friends.  Her son is heavily into sports so she can regularly be found helping out at the local football club and scoring cricket matches.  Carlye enjoys reading and walking and loves diamond art.


Jerry Packer

Support Coordinator

Meet The Team

Jerry Packer – Support Coordinator

Jerry is a qualified registered nurse and has been working as a Support Coordinator since the rollout of the NDIS in South Australia. His clinical background and in-depth knowledge of MND and neurological conditions enable him to provide both general and specialist support coordination.  His years of experience in the field of progressive neurological conditions means he has a huge network of skilled and trusted providers to deliver the specialist care and attention that participants need.

Experienced In Motor Neurone Disease (MND)

Jerry has extensive experience with MND and has been a committee member of an MND research group: TRG.  He spent a short time as the interim CEO of MND SA and was on a national review committee that liaised directly with the NDIS to negotiate and discuss service provisions for participants with MND.  He has developed and delivered a range of workshops on MND as well as assisted MND Australia to design and review a range of different MND resource materials.

Extensive NDIS Knowledge

Jerry has extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the NDIS having set up NDIS services and processes in various organisations.  His in-depth experience and knowledge of how the NDIS system works has been vital in helping to secure additional funding for clients.

Jerry is a family man with two children.  He loves the outdoors and camping and is a regular volunteer with the local Surf Life Club.

Physiotherapist Chris Furness

Chris Furness


Meet The Team

Chris Furness – Physiotherapist

Chris Furness is a local Physiotherapist based here in Adelaide.  He possesses a working experience across hospital settings, community-based rehabilitation, return to work rehabilitation, aged care settings and hands on private practice. Chris has managed many clients with neurological conditions, such as MS, Parkinson’s, stroke and MND. He also has experience in managing clients with amputations or presentation of orthopaedic surgeries, such as total knee or total hip replacement.

Acquired Brain Injury recovery

As well as treating clients with a neurological deficit, Chris has suffered an Acquired Brain Injury in July 2019. This event resulted in a 5-month hospital stay, post-hospital rehabilitation and the relearning of skills involved in eating, talking, standing, and walking. Chris has also been through extensive rehabilitation to return to full time work as a physiotherapist. Being on both sides of the fence, Chris has learned the importance of client relationships and the need for treatment options within the Neurological community. 

When not working, you will find Chris swimming, riding his bicycle or playing his PlayStation, which keeps him both physically fit and mentally stimulated.

Alesia Combatti-Cotton

Administration Assistant

Meet The Team

Alesia Combatti-Cotton – Administration Assistant

Ali is our friendly Administration Assistant. She excels in organisation, managing office operations, and providing support to the team.

Ali thrives in fast-paced environments, ensuring smooth daily operations through her organisational skills and attention to detail. She assists with administrative tasks, document preparation, and proactive completion of tasks, making her a trusted resource for colleagues and supervisors.

Known for her friendly demeanour, Ali is always up for a good chat. She enjoys engaging with colleagues and clients alike, fostering positive relationships in the workplace.

Outside of work, Ali loves spending time with her family and friends, painting, and watching reality shows.


Ian and Jo U

We cannot speak highly enough of Jerry & Carlye.

Jerry is my husband Ian’s Support Co-ordinator. Whatever we need Jerry sources it & very quickly. The help with Ian’s Plan has been amazing. Jerry knows everything we need, things we hadn’t even thought of.  Without Jerry’s help, we would’ve been lost & we wouldn’t have the Supports we have in place today. Jerry even attends our Plan Review meetings. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

Carlye is my husband’s O/T. Again, like Jerry, Carlye’s knowledge is second to none. Without Ian’s leg AFO’s, he would’ve been in a wheelchair 5 years ago.  Currently, she is sourcing the right wheelchair. Carlye has organised a walker, ramps, modified our bathroom, grab rails & even arm supports to name a few.

Again, we cannot speak more highly of Jerry & Carlye. Through what have been difficult times, they have supported both of us & we’ve had plenty of laughs along the way too. 10 out of 10 for sure.

Katrina and Aaron M

Both Carlye and Jerry have always made every time meeting a very enjoyable time, making it feel less like an appointment and more like friends catching up. Anytime we’ve needed help, guidance or any kind of support both Carlye and Jerry have made me feel very comfortable to ask for what we have needed. They go above and beyond just providing “the basics” or what is needed to just get by.  I can feel that they truly care about providing what is best for us as a family and not about what is easier or convenient for them to do for things like services, trying equipment etc.

They are both lovely people and I appreciate all of the help, support and information they have helped provide me and they have made everything that I am going through a lot easier to deal with knowing that I have the support from two people who put her best interests first.

I truly do appreciate all of the help you’ve given to us over the time, you’ve provided a really comfortable space where we feel comfortable having you come over, share information with us and to ask for help. I couldn’t recommend you enough to anyone who would need your services and if I’m ever in a spot where I do know someone who does need them, I will of course be pushing them to get in contact with you. 10/10, exceptional.

Anton and Carmen S

Both Jerry and Carlye are professionals in NDIS Coordination and Occupational Therapy and organising other requirements to live a dignified life. Having been given the diagnosis of a maximum 2 yrs of life I am grateful that both Jerry and Carlye were there from the beginning to navigate all the needs of someone who has to live with the devastation of MND. I believe their sound advice and great service has enabled me to live the last 3 and half years with much comfort and great dignity. Jerry & Carlye are committed, focused, timely and results-oriented in their quality of service.

My wife Carmen and I are very grateful and thankful for their service and support over our association. I can genuinely rate their service to us 10 out 10.

Sam V

My husband Chris was diagnosed with MND in 2018, our whole world fell apart. We were very, very fortunate at this time to meet Carlye and Jerry, who have guided and helped us through the mind field of living with MND and NDIS. They are always, one step ahead of our next need, always planning for the future and holding our hands when times are tough. Knowing that we have Carlye and Jerry, by our sides, has allowed us to concentrate on spending quality precious time together with our family and friends. We don’t need to worry about any of the other stuff, as they have it all covered. They have been our safety net, thank you both from the bottom of our hearts. Five years, this year and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Greg and Jean D

As a primary carer for my husband who has MND, I appreciate the care and support we receive from Jerry and Carlye at Trelity Health. At any time, they are only a phone call or email away and they understand how important it is to get certain things arranged and sorted urgently. Nothing is too much for them and we are so grateful for their ongoing help. We now have a rapport with them and we know they have our backs when it comes to dealing with government agencies and departments. Living life with MND is made a lot easier with Trelity Health. 

Vy N

Service = 10/10

Our family is so grateful to have met Jerry and Carlye, independently.  The fact that they have combined forces and are now Trelity Health is fantastic news for us.


Since taking on the role of Dad’s Support Co-ordinator, Jerry has provided nothing but exceptional, quality service.  It is very clear that Jerry has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field – in every interaction with our family, he leaves with a big long list of requests and has been able to provide excellent advice and progressed many issues for Dad, every time.


Carlye’s friendly nature makes her a pleasure to deal with.  When Dad was first discharged from the hospital, our family was overwhelmed with the amount of equipment and home improvements that were required.  Carlye provided fantastic recommendations and delivered a supportive and detailed report that assisted our family in being able to expedite NDIS’s approval.

Jerry & Carlye – the Nguyen family are so grateful we have met you both.  Thank you for the tremendous support you give to our family along with the big smiles that we always get from you whenever you pay us a visit.  We look forward to a long lasting relationship with Trelity Health